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A Brief Subplot of Time
Cynics and Speculators Unite!
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17th-Aug-2005 06:01 pm
Website: http://www.qsmithwmu.com/

Originality: ***
Consistency: ***
Plausibility: n/a.

Just a good look at the various arguments but highly metaphysical and philosophical in content.

The gist of the theory: "Acausal (lacking cause) origins of the universe". Explores acausality's implications on theism/atheism and explores the question, "do we need a cause for everything?"

1. Can we say the cause or the time itself is undefined in some way?

2. Did time even exist before the big bang and could it without space?

1. I do think that time and space are definitely interdependant if one sticks with space as the mere backdrop of emptiness that everything else fills. (that begs another question though...

3. Is there such a reality as empty space? ie: before big bang? Despite the oddness the physics might be therein?
26th-Sep-2005 11:07 pm (UTC)
time is only a measurement of movement and past movement
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