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A Brief Subplot of Time

Cynics and Speculators Unite!

Discussion of New Theories, Rating of Junk Science
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Here we use the 5 neutrino rating system (basically 5 stars) to discuss theories that we find online.

You can also rate in these categories:

*How creative and unique it is amongst other theories. After all truth is stranger than fiction isn't it?
*Do not be tempted to give points to people who are merely far out or put charity points here.
*It has to have a level of previously un-noticed content but well-deserving focus or discovery.

*Internally reasonable
*Sound and logical presentation
*Accepted/well-defended premises
*"Real" math making "real" sense.
*Simple, if also profound, copy point to originality.

*Supportable or
*Already supported/gaining support by science and the scientific community at large, a base of existing buy-in, support and credence.
*Seems possible to a degree that is reasonable and perhaps more likely and simple than other ideas.

You can also give it five Bogons if it shouldn't register at all in the positive scales or has something horrendously aweful:
*Mumbo-Jumbo other than as analogy.
*Excessive analogy
*Craziness and appeals to originality.
*Excessive Defensiveness with community.