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A Brief Subplot of Time
Cynics and Speculators Unite!
18th-Aug-2005 03:02 pm
Q. Is it possible that electrons "jump" to their other "quantum levels" (ie: they move to higher "orbits" without going through the space between each orbital, IOW, they snap there immediately, (or is it too fast?). Is it then possible electrons move through the Calabi-Yao 6D somehow while retaining 3D shape? It seems to me that as one progresses to higher dimensions, the lower dimensions become "ethereal" in a sense. For those in a real "planeland", lines are boundaries only, not "things". For those in space, planes are flat imaginary sheet shaped boundaries. For those in 4D, ideal "spaces" are probably ethereal. But are they ethereal or taking on a different "property" or "entity".

Time is an aspect of existence but not a boundary in space. Nonetheless, it has length only. Time has meaning as a model of 1D but is a very good example of 1D for few other notions have this kind of "length" in "apparent infinity on each side of the point called the "present". The present is a limit that is approached from each side of the past and future in infinite halved steps. I'll have to put my essay on time up sometime. It is an interesting topic of what really is "time".
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