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A Brief Subplot of Time
Cynics and Speculators Unite!
Another "Example" post for "comparative rating". 
17th-Aug-2005 08:18 pm

Bogons: *****
Originality: *
Consistency: (*) <- 1 "anti-neutrino"
Plausibility: *

Again, the premise of our model is that the “waves” themselves are traveling through this fantastic concentration of “background” aether energy that exists throughout the Universe. As we continue in Hyperspace, Kaku then describes the shock he encountered when discovering Kaluza-Klein theory, which directly paved the way for an understanding of what was going on:

Since the theory was considered to be a wild speculation, it was never taught in graduate school; so young physicists are left to discover it quite by accident in their casual readings. This alternative theory gave the simplest explanation of light; that it was really a vibration of the fifth dimension, or what used to be called the fourth dimension by the mystics. If light could travel through a vacuum, it was because the vacuum itself was vibrating, because the “vacuum” really existed in four dimensions of space and one of time. By adding the fifth dimension, the force of gravity and light could be unified in a startlingly simple way...
26th-Sep-2005 11:02 pm (UTC)
what is this fith dimension-alternate matter, pure energies of some type?
I often thought it would be both because its alternate stable matter forms that exists but would be considered energy by our standards.
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